Illusionary Plains

by Ozark Shaman

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released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Ozark Shaman Little Rock, Arkansas

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Track Name: Twisted Seasons
Twisted Seasons, Aligning
with all the chaos and disharmony
The plot was given
Then taken and torn
Now lies in pieces, its your new norm
Now left to wonder and question why
the cold of winter was left behind

Storms invoking darkness
hoping that it fades
Right before the snow in the beginning of May
Humid summer heat
Twister siren's call
I looked to the sky to see the blackbirds fall

Its very human to find all the patterns in life
but when you realize
What youve been served all this time was just one vicious deceitful lie
You may long to forget
All the time that you spent investing into a life

I feel it down to the very core
When you think you know there's always more
But if the power is inside the heart
Could it still function if you keep it locked?

I remember how it was before
We had enough but still wanted more
Now spring holds no meaning to you
Just a reminder of the harsh truth
Now I wonder if we'll ever heal
When all has fallen we thought was real

I know in time these thoughts will fade
Slower than oil sifting into the lake
but when spring begins to feel like fall
What difference does it make?

Look forward but not too far ahead
or be fixated on the heat you dread
so close your eyes and look to the time
that summer will be perfect again
Track Name: Strings of Fate
Moirae, Moirae
Guide us, Protect us and lead us to our destiny
From the light they've traveled through this vast dimension on a plight to aid us in this earthly dream

Deep within the darkness is where I'll take my flight
While knowing it could all fall at any time
This path has led to intervene the struggle
The intent is to release your mind


We've not forsaken, nor we betrayed
the fate that we gained upon this raid
As conquerors of darkness
Bringers of the light
Sworn to keep the strings of fate from crumbling
Track Name: Realigning with the Soul's Sacred Path
Over where it once was
A habitually grotesque place
if only they could see it from afar
They'd witness the error in their way

Trapped in stages of infancy
Never reaching passed what their eyes can see
I can't deny the pain of this plight
When in the end all that's left was me

I try to see all that's inside
but your reckless way
has made me grow blind
I know someday I will embrace
the momentum of this path which I realign

Time won't restrain
A growing fate
Tempting it may be, but still can't escape
Such a cruel thing to speculate
When destiny seems as though
It has come too late

What hope do we have of facing the enemy, when we fight amongst ourselves?
what of all the time that's lost
Sewn from pure carelessness?
Perhaps the ploy was essential
coming together in evolved states
a chance to finally start over,
with a fresh clean slate

I will not back down from this fight
I will take you on day or night
The blazing heat or
freezing cold
Though you play victim
You won't invade my home
so long as we stand
on the soul's sacred path
Track Name: Dichotomy
Man the fool, tests temptation,
always fails, never listens
Nor learns his lesson
he will always suffer
Under false deceptions,
creating the fabrics of reality,
Time has played it's course
and pride wont save you now

We confide with
what we believe
but only until you awake
will you see

Wandering souls that fly through dimensions
to this dull, unruly fate
thrusting forward
with lack of traction
feel the world move
as you've lost your brakes

while the radiant
portrait of life
altered by
one path led astray
It is time to
embrace the dichotomy

Living life without a hope,
and scraping for a clue
What meant the world to some
meant nothing to you

Wandering through the vastness
of illusionary planes
Constant repetition, it will never change
And when you finally learn,
you may find its too late
Struggling til the end to meet your fate

Wandering souls
that fly through dimensions
to this null, unlikely place
Looking back
on paths once forsaken
and realize the fatal mistake
while the radiant
fortress of life
gets pummeled by
man's reckless way

But in time
they will meet their dichotomy

Some pursue the truth
others run and hide
anyone can see it
either way, you decide
Track Name: Call of the Light
A power was bestowed
but despite its might
had its fatal flaws

After revoking life,
it was found to be
placebic superstition

Of all the years
I have walked on the earth
none so revealing as now

Even the most
guarded of hearts
can still be pried out

Come join us in this slaughter
you'll weep and fill with laughter
Not too long before
it will all just shatter

Its all part of a vision
can't make a clear decision
Just leave it all behind
and wait no longer

Despite the pain
I must say
It was all worth it
Track Name: Mountain's View
High in the mountains
where there is no trace
of man to be found
A serene peace defines the land
I gaze over each day

For so long I have reached
for that which I cannot grasp
for dear life
As I get closer to the top
I feel myself slip and fall

Transcending reason
and the slightest bit of doubt
For in those moments
It could all fall apart

Sometimes I wonder
If the mountain has a memory
When I know
I'll have already drifted away
Track Name: Wanderer of the Skies
A venture into the unknown became the greatest story ever told
From the forests and through the creeks
Its all for the neverending search for nothing

This design so graceful
and refined
but nothing for my eyes to see

A boundless experience
it lies here
Soon lost within the realm of me

Intent is held within
the path we lay inside
It all gets trapped within
So you must let your quiet presence be known

I can see when wandering the skies
This path was chosen
And I know that the will of the divine
Will stop at nothing

I may be endlessly roaming through the night
but not forever
and I trust that when you look inside
you'll see the truth

When you learn to live without a conscious reason
there is so much more that can be seen
Like what may have lied next to this existence
Or what may be lurking on the corner of divinity
I lift up into infinity

Now the story has been told
but the blood within still runs cold
no longer chasing or bounding
all in life which can't be touched
Track Name: Orchestrators of Life
The starry seed drifts endlessly
Wandering and lost
The coldness of nothing was felt for so long
Its time to animate the creation

Behind these transparent realms
lies an existence close to ours
Only welcome the benevolent
It guides me, it blinds me
The cloak which aids or drains my soul
Until we're ascending for the stars

When the orchestrators brought the dawn
How could they have expected this
Showing life in such a vibrant state
When we channeled it into hate

While I have lived many lives
This one may be the last
Before ascending to heavenly planes
Where I will be of more use
Track Name: Cursed with Consciousness (Bonus Track 2012 Demo)
Strayed from the path of earthly instincts
Locked into this new moral cage
Living in filth that we consume and purvey
no desire to deviate
Just taught to hate
our own mankind
And the creatures of the earth

in question
There is nowhere to run

Onward to the end
that they cannot see
this lethal path
is such a waste

Cursed with the myth of destination
staring into infinite
while some may only live to suffer
I know that they choose how to be
Behold the depths of earth's conception
see it for its divinity
its a symbol, of a destiny
that which we must hold

The embers burning
the winds that blow,
Nature has shown me
all I need to know

You are cursed with consciousness
So take the worst and make the best
some will suffer in the meantime
when all comes halting, to a dead end
the pain will descend
til you come to find
that you have been blind
So make your last stand

Now what becomes of this existence
when I left behind myself
and lost all sense of separation
from the rest of the world